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Maurine Kaskel, MSW, LCSW

maurine kaskel

Maurine has extensive experience working with seniors and has the ability to accept Medicare insurance.  More importantly, she absolutely loves working with the senior population.  Please call us for an appointment with Maurine and we will get you connected right away.

Maurine is a licensed clinical social worker with 20 plus years of experience.  As a school social worker prior to joining the Northwest Treatment Counseling Associates team, she has a wealth of experience aiding  children realize their full potential.  She incorporates play, sand and art therapy techniques in her practice.  She is a compassionate and non judgemental listener and cares  deeply for her clients.  She is effective working with a variety of problems impacting children and youth including school refusal, bullying, social anxiety, trauma, mood disorders of anxiety and depression.  She is a skilled family therapist and appreciates the power of change at the family systems level. 

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