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Understanding Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process that involves assessment,  establishing goals for treatment, problem solving alternative ways of behaving and interacting to achieve feeling healthy and productive.  Hundreds of studies show the effectiveness of psychotherapy in benefiting participants to lead more fulfilling lives. 


The therapeutic process is enhanced by the quality of the therapeutic relationship and your willingness to work hard with your therapist to affect change.  In choosing a therapist you should consider your preferences for the therapist's background, clinical expertise, cultural competence and experience.


Perhaps you will select a therapist at NWTA based on the therapist profiles outlined on these pages.  If you need guidance in selecting a therapist, you can call for a free consultation in which you can share your presenting problem and preferences so that the therapist that is the best clinical fit for your needs can be chosen.  We will also help you determine the appropriate modality for treatment, whether it be individual, family or couples counseling dependent on your presenting problem. 


Feel free to call us at 815-337-1234 for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment with a qualified therapist.  You may also use the link below to email us directly for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Schedule online or send an email to request more information. 

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