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Watch this short video clip "Play Therapy Works!"

Children, especially very young children, do not have the ability to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  They often lack the words to describe what they are experiencing .  Play Therapy is an effective vehicle for communication and for change.


Child centered play therapy allows the child to express themselves in a safe context using their language - the language of play. NWTA therapists use both structured and unstructured play therapy techniques depending on the assessed need.


NWTA has fully equipped play therapy rooms complete with puppets, toys, dollhouses, art supplies, dress up clothes, games, and a sand tray with miniatures.   Expressive therapies, whether it be play, art or sand tray therapy, allows the child to express internal struggles, pain, worries and fears.  In this manner the child taps into their strengths and natural gifts in the presence of a qualified play therapist who is attuned to hearing and interpreting the symbols and metaphors for their challenges and then aids the child in finding words and solutions to their problems.  In this manner, the child's  confusion and pain is transformed into a healing event. 

Children are empowered by the experience of being heard, understood and valued for their unique strengths.  Traumatized and conflicted children will use repetitive play in an effort to overcome their emotional injuries and worries.  NWTA's trained therapists know how to recognize these pattern and create interventions so that the therapy becomes a corrective experience.  The child becomes the hero in their own story.  We are honored to be part of a child's healing journey.



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