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Dr. Bonnie Marable PhD Clinical Psychologist

Populations Served

Children ( 3 years old and up)

Adolescents, Adults, Parents and Families, Foster Children and Families

Issues and Problems/Areas of Expertise

Child Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Sexual Behavior Problems in children

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders of childhood


Child Maltreatment

Social Anxiety

School Avoidance






Dr. Bonnie Marable is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Duke University and a PHD in Clinical Psychology from NIU.  She is outstanding in her work with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. 


She typically uses a combination of art and play therapy in her approach.  She is committed to the well being of her clients and makes extraordinary efforts to ensure that her clients receive the therapeutic attention that they deserve to effect change. 

Dr. Bonnie has assisted countless child victims of sexual abuse in their healing and recovery.  She is also a Nationally Certified Adoption Competent therapist. She is skilled also in working with children and teens who are suffering from anxiety and depression, developmental disorders or with problems related to bullying.  

Dr. Bonnie has been the staff psychologist at NWTA since 2000.

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